How to cancel your Brave Subscription on PC?

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PC; Windows 11.

I have gotten free trial because I thought the browser offered a VPN server for the location I wanted, unfortunately It didn’t so I stopped using it, I realized I haven’t cancelled the free trial and brave charged me for the VPN. I didn’t want to get charged and planned to cancel it but I forgot to which is quite stressful. Im not sure how I can get a refund from it since I have paid for the subscription about 30 to an hour ago and all the topics are talking about google or IOS. Please let me know how to cancel + get a refund since I didn’t want to get charged and was planning to cancel it since first I wanted to test if it had what I wanted.
Thank you.

@Flissin you cancel the same way you started the subscription. You go to and login. Then it will show you what subscriptions you have active. You would hit Cancel and it should cancel any future payments.

As to refund, I’m not sure if you can. You would have needed to quit before it renewed. Best way to find out if they’ll be able to assist with that is to create a support ticket at