How to allow advertising, but block trackers?

Hello everyone, I use as a newsreader. And now I’m searching in Shields and Privacy and Security, for the whitelist, where I:

  • Can allow advertising,
  • But I’m able to block trackers.

Or if there is no other option; Allow both.
Where should I go in the preferences?

MacOS Ventura 13.5.2, Brave 1.59.117

There is no differentiation between the two. Most ads also serve as trackers.

Brave used Easylist and Easyprivacy list to block ads and trackers. Easylist will remove any type of ads, even if it doesn’t track you. There is no way to disable Easylist or any default lists. Easyprivacy even blocked all error trackers
Unlike AdGuard’s tracking protection filter.

There are ways to disable default lists in Desktop and rooted Android phones, still, there is no reason to do it 99% of the time. Ads track you, and people have to understand that.

Virtue signaling shouldn’t be a reason to do disable anything and ignorance.
But if people want to allow something, and they believe a connection is not ‘tracking them’ or ‘ads are good to have’ well, they can do it with custom adblock rules in Android and Desktop. If they have problems with Brave and their way of doing things today (because eventually they will let people disable default lists) then people can just turn adblocker off or use another browser that will have a weaker and less efficient adblocker or no adblocker at all in Android, or uBlock in desktop.

Latest Brave Nightly offered to create scriptlet injection exceptions, if people realized how much work scriptlets do, they would understand how internet ad business is plagued with not just trackers but malware and bombard everyone with a lot of crap, adblockers are good and it is good they block things.

You might complain and think sentryio drama, but then, it behaves like a tracker, and there is no reason why anyone should allow it. And if someone wants to allow it, obviously Brave and uBlock offer custom rules to do it. Why should Easylist filter maintainers care? how do you know which sentryio implementation tracks and which one doesn’t? anyone can just use it for different purposes, and you can’t just whitelist people because “I am good, believe me”.

We also use all of the uBO uAssets, Peter Lowes lists, and they don’t seperate trackers or ad additions either.

Error trackers are still trackers.

You said people are free to unsubscribe from the list in the comment but people can’t do that in Brave’s adblock, there are no option to disable default filterlists. Unlike uBO, I can’t just disable Easyprivacy and add AdGuard’s filter here. There’s no option, Brave force people to block ads and trackers if people want to use any function like porn blocklist or scriplets.

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