How to accept BAT tips on custom website

Hi all,

let’s say there is highly visited forum. I would like to integrate to my custom website that users can tips other users with BAT. How to proceed, where to start?


so I guess it is not possible ATM. Let me know when this basic functionality will be available, it would be awesome to reward users.

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u want do like reddit or twitter?

exactly. Twitter and reddit got it very nice implemented. Is there some starting point ?

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need plugins for wordpress and joomla and more, but need api, i think if this have on reddit and twitter then api have, but u right, now is no actuality.

I think it is builtin in brave to support twitter and reddit…so from their site there is no code…

ok, I will wait until available

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i also think so in brave this code, this code can extract and make plugin with api brave build.

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