How reliable is fingerprinting protection?

Browser is being identified on fingerprinting testing websites like, even after clearing browsing data. Brave team should relook why is it happening.

When you visit either of these websites it will generate a fingerprint ID for your browser and then when you clear all your browsing data and revisit the website it will still recognise your browser with exact precision. Note that this happens no matter whether you keep fingerprinting protection to standard or strict. This is very concerning, defeating the purpose of using a privacy browser.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Visit both of the above mentioned websites. Let it create a unique Iā€™d.
  2. Then clear your browsing data.
  3. Then revisit the websites.

You will see the exact same browser fingerprint ID. will also shows your previous visits to the website.

**Brave Version 1.25.71

[Android 11]

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