How do the Brave Referrals work?

I signed up for the Creator Referral Promo and got my referral links, but I can’t see how this referral program works from a technical standpoint.

If I go to my promo link, it looks like the normal site. The “Download Brave for Linux” page just points to instructions for downloading with your distro’s package manager. So how could these referral URLs possibly work for Linux? If they just point you to instructions for downloading with another program, how can that program know who referred them?

I have the same question about downloading Brave on Android. You download it from the Play Store, but how does it know about the referral? I never saw any place where I could enter a referral URL after Brave was up and running.

And same thing for Windows. Does BraveBrowserSetup.exe come hard-coded with my referral information when they download from that link?

If the referral gets activated after a month of someone using the browser, then there would have to be some way for the browser to know who referred them. I don’t see any vectors for this information to get passed to the new Brave installation from the referral link. I would love for someone to enlighten me on how this works.

Edit: I found this pull request on GitHub that explains how it works in some detail. Does this mean that the referral promo can only possibly work if the person being referred downloads the Windows or Mac versions from that link? If so, this might be something that should be more clearly noted on the Brave Rewards - Creators page.

Mot only on desktop (Windows, macOS) but referral also works for mobile. More information can be found here’s-Use-of-Referral-Codes

Thanks for the link. I don’t see any mention of Linux in that article. Is it safe to say that the referrals don’t work when the referred person downloads Brave for Linux?

Sadly, yes. Referral is only works for desktop (Win, macOS) and mobile (Android, iOS).

Alright. It’s not a huge deal. At least I know now.

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