How do I uninstall AT&T search?

Apparently, it was installed within the past 30+ days, however, never saw an opt-in choice. Also, results have not taken me to Web sites when I’ve typed them in correctly. No benefit seen thus far. How do I delete it? Thanks.

@wayyfinder where are you seeing this at? What device?

If your primary search has changed to AT&T, this wouldn’t have been done by Brave. This likely would have been changed due to an extensions, assuming you’re speaking of Desktop. Nothing on your phone should have been able to change Brave’s settings in normal circumstances.

If you go to SettingsSearch Engines you can see, edit, delete, etc all search engine options on your device.

Of course, other concern I have and why I asked you where you are seeing it is your choice of saying it was installed. This makes it sound like an extension or something, which Brave wouldn’t add. If you have something that installed itself, then it sounds like malware or virus from something you’ve done.

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