Search suggestions not stored locally?

Alright, so I work in a middle school and I left my computer unlocked without oversight and it ended up lost the whole day. When I eventually got it back from the students I found some, as you might imagine, really disturbing search history on it. I deleted all search history and so on and so forth. But now a few months later I find that some of their searches, which where not done in the URL but rather in search boxes on the web pages they visited, still show up in my search suggestions when I click search boxes in web sites I visit. For example now when I go into a web page for online auctions for antiques and click the search bar I get a whole plethora of pornographic and violent search suggestions. I once again deleted all history, cookies, autofills etc. that you find under the advances tab in Braves preferences. I have toggled all autofill options I could find but the problem still remains.

The search suggestions does not show up in every search box on every website. I have found the problem in about four or five places. I came to the conclusion that perhaps it must be because the searches were not stored locally on my computer? The website on which my students made these searches perhaps uses the same hosts (?) or something? I am unfortunately not too tech savvy, so I’m not too sure how these things work. I really hope I could find some help here.

Is this a problem any one else has encountered? Is it even possible to delete these search suggestions?


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