Sync option simply missing

Hey guys, i just need to know why i cannot sync my desktop browser with my mobile.
I’m using brave on my phone for about 2 years and now i downloaded for my laptop but i cannot find any Sync option anywhere. im looking on forums and everywhere but the options that is showing me is just simply missing from my version of Brave. Its not in the settings it is not on the menu.
I tried to use the Nightly version, same story.

That’s because Sync is temporarily disabled since v1.3.x and higher.

Brave team is working on Sync v2 which will re-enable Sync.

Thanks for the quick response
I thought i’m going crazy since everywhere was showing that the option was there.

Brave Sync v2 will hit Nightly build in coming week/s. And after that will hit Beta and Stable release version.

See Brave Sync v2 soon available in Nightly, will disable Sync v1 and also mentioned in this help article

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