How do I report a suspicious website, even for spam?

Can’t find any options in my Brave browser on my Android phone, Samsung S7 edge.

Brave browser severely lacks on my Chromebook too, compared to using Windows 10 pro on my HP, because it’s also a Google operating system I imagine…?

Either way–we must understand that Google is 100% deceitful the last 2 years, after always being respected: from pushing climate change via complete censorship of opposition on Google ads and YouTube (according to Google’s published announcement), to pushing abortion on Google Maps idea, to working and censoring for Putin’s Russia up until they invaded Ukraine (see Google’s published government activity reports), to I can’t think of latest major 100% scam. Thanks.

@Fuh I’m not sure I understand your question. You are asking about reporting suspicious websites and inquire about spam.

Brave blocks ads and prevents them or websites in general from tracking your location. If you experience issues where pop-ups appear or anything of the sort, then you can always come report here at Ad-Blocking so it can be resolved.

If you are asking of how to report issues on Brave Search, such as you think a scam website is appearing on the top, then you would use the feedback image button(s) that appear in the search results and you would provide details.

Hi Saoiray, in my extensions I found a “crypto wallets” extension. I dont now how it gets there, and I cant get rid if it…Also if I put it “off” it dissapears. And when I restart Brave its back again with everything on…it create acces to USB files…

Do you regocnize this?, and-or how do I get rid of it. This doesn’t feel good. See pictures