How do I delete my community account?

How do I delete my community account? I googled it, followed the instructions and I’m sure to no ones surprise it does not work
Brave Community

  1. Click your account icon (normally, a picture of your face)
  2. Click your account name.
  3. Hit “Preferences”
  4. Scroll to the bottom of and hit “Delete my account”. - Does not exist just like my rewards
  5. You can learn what data are processed, for what purpose, duration, and with what legal justification, here.

I guess the above will help.

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Likely not. If so it will be the only thing associated with Brave that has ever worked for me as promised. Already too late for it to not be a pain in the ass like everything else but I appreciate the response. Cheers

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What do you mean ?
You could get help if you want…

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Cheers brother but I have have a day and a half of my life into this. Lost all the rewards(at least 6 months worth) I had when I verified. Took forever to set up a Gemini account. Started from scratch. Got maybe 10% of the first months promised rewards and none for the second as everything went haywire after about two weeks - all ads stopped. Blank rewards page where I should be able to change settings. Rewards still showing on home page but if I click on the triangle in the address bar everything is at 0. Seems like a buggy browser for about 100 other reasons not related to earning BAT. I just have no time for this. Cutting my losses. Switching to Opera or Firefox. I’m just not willing to invest any more of my time into something that gives me so little while robbing me of so much of my time.

Yours seems to be a pretty rare case. lol

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Maybe but I have no more time to give and ran out of patience with this browser long ago. Thanks for trying to help. Cheers

You tried raising a ticket, right ?

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