Brave Community Account Deletion

Dear Brave Community,

I managed to delete my Brave Publisher Account with no problem, found the button in a few seconds. However I searched for 10 minutes on how to delete my Brave Community Account without success (I even searched on the internet). What are the steps to delete my Brave Community Account (the account I am posting with)?

Best regards,

Cedric Maire

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cc @Mattches on this

I can go ahead and delete your account for you – sorry to see you leave!

Please go ahead. This has nothing to do with Brave, still using the browser and part of the community. I just don’t use this account and it’s part of a clean up action.

Please reply to this post once the account and all its data/metadata has been deleted.

Thank you!
Best regards,

If I try to reply to the thread after deleting your account, how would you know? :slight_smile:
I’m be deleting it now!

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