Delete Community Profile & Brave Wallet Accounts

How do I go about having my Brave Community Account completely deleted & Brave Wallet with Uphold & Gemini deleted? Basically having everything deleted…

@tonymend1980 If you have a Sync chain and want it deleted, then you take a screenshot of your brave://sync-internals showing your sync username and send it in an email to to ask them to delete it.

As to Wallet, I’m not quite sure. Maybe @Evan123 or @DouglasHDaniel can explain. I do know if you go to brave://settings/wallet you can reset it, but I think that’s only at device level. If wanting to completely erase it, (assuming you mean Wallet and not Rewards), it would take Brave to do it. Just not sure if done through or somewhere else.

As to Uphold & Gemini, you would just disconnect your Rewards and then I think you can also rescind authorization from their site. For example, Uphold would be where you’d click on Brave Rewards and Brave Browser, and then on the trash can symbol to remove them.

For Community Account, you have to post over at #faq:account-deletion-requests and make sure you put proper format. Brave Support tries to go over them at least once a month but likely will start visiting more often.

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