Change/Customize/Blank New Tab Page

Will it be possible to Change the background of the New Tab page, by yourself (or that it takes the background from a Chrome Theme).
I’ve made 2 Screenshots + 1 Screenshot of my Options with the same Theme on both Brave and Chrome.

Brave -
Chrome -
Settings -

Would be nice to have the same Background aswell, I am fine with not having the google searchbar in a new tab, as i never used it in Chrome anyways. But be able to further customize it would be awesome, as currently the backgrounds are always random.


Yes, this is planned functionality – you can view the project tasks on our project board here:


lovely, thanks for the heads up!


Any progress on this? Those colorful landscape pictures make me sick.




I just downloaded Brave, so far so good, but the new tab window background annoyed me SO MUCH I googled a solution right away. Hoping you can work this out :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I’m the designer for the New Tab Page and this is roughly the order of front-end work that’s planned with @rebron, the product manager:

1. Fix Top Tiles

  • Stop pulling from user History
  • Default Top Tiles the user starts with is,, and a third one TBD
  • Remove the pin and bookmark tile options, leaving only “X” to get rid of a top site
  • Allow user to add their own website URL as their top tile
  • Update top tile grid so that there is no limit on how many top tiles a user can add

2. Wallpaper

  • Allow users to upload their image and set as wallpaper
  • Add more ‘no-image’ options, like gradients and setting solid colors
  • Add integration with a stock image library so the user can select from there

3. Stats

  • Make text color white
  • Update labels to match labels in the Shields panel

Currently being fixed: Make clock widget match the user’s system time format (12h, 24h).

We will be creating separate issues for these items. This list does not indicate the complete priority of work as there may be non-front-end work that takes precedence. We might also change the order of work as we get more information and user feedback. You can check the project board for updates:

Thanks for your continued support in Brave! We’re always open to more feedback.



thanks for your work! Just two comments on that:

Please set only one default top tile … like for example or the chrome web store … something really useful. It’s super annoying to remove all the top sites, because often they are not really useful/necessary.

And secondly: Could you improve the look of the tiles?
As you can see the images are not very clear, a lot of pixels can be seen
Also it would be much more beautiful to don’t have these background, but bigger rectangular icons in general. Here is how it looks in Opera for example, which I personally find very beautiful:
It just looks more modern!

Please let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

Personally I find number 1 the most important, especially the ability to add own top sites.


Hi @leon0402, thanks for the feedback. Improving the look of the tiles (fixing pixellated icons, making them bigger thumbnail images, etc.) is on the radar though not explicitly planned and prioritized yet.

Enabling you to add your own top tiles is definitely planned and designs are in progress!


You’re welcome!

So note a +1 for the improve of tile look :wink: If I only look at the ui, that’s probably the thing that bothers me the most!

Thanks for your great work! I was wondering if you don’t want to open your own thread here and perhaps you could keep us there up to date? I know that you do quite a lot work on github (like roadmaps etc.), but I personally like a little bit more text focused on the important things (like the one from you above!).
Perhaps even a new category? We have now “release notes”, would be great to have another one about future plans etc.


That’s precisely what this thread is for – to keep track of feedback/issues/updates to Brave’s NTP. :slight_smile:


I request these options for the new tab page:

  1. More tiles (6 x 3 rows) and all are optional
  2. User defined websites in those
  3. Brave can have its home page and community page as two tiles after fresh installation
  4. Make the tile clear (the current size is fine)
  5. If possible settings to clock (position, to add AM/PM, seconds, 24 h clock etc)



One thing I would really like to see out of the update is that clicking X on the tile no longer removes the bookmark from your bookmarks. When attempting to click on the actual tile to trigger opening the page, I have accidentally clicked on the X and it has also removed the entry from my Bookmarks Toolbar. Unfortunately for me, one of the ones I did this with was a custom filtered Github PRs search, which I haven’t been able to get back (without just re-writing the whole filter URL).



Good afternoon,

Is there a way to disable top tiles please? I really resent showing what I have been visiting to anyone who happens to look over my shoulder when I open a new tab.


Not in Brave Release Version 0.66.101 Chromium: 75.0.3770.142 (Official Build) (64-bit).
Not in Beta Version 0.68.114 Chromium: 76.0.3809.87 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

Yes in Dev and Nightly. (Dev Version 0.69.94 Chromium: 76.0.3809.62 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)); Nightly Version 0.70.12 Chromium: 76.0.3809.72 (Official Build) nightly (64-bit).
You can toggle them (Top Sites) off using the settings icon in the lower right of the new tab page.


Many thanks for that. It seems that I don’t have that icon available. The other three, the cogwheel, the bookmarks and the history are there, but no dashboard settings. I have this version: Version 0.66.101 Chromium: 75.0.3770.142 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Thanks, @kliu. The main bug I see with the “New Tab” page is that it shows tiles of websites I’ve visited even after I’ve cleared my history. Will this be fixed in the next version? Thanks.

Version 0.67.123 Chromium: 76.0.3809.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Yeah, that’s the “Release” version. To get the options I showed, you need to run Dev or Nightly, which are hotlinked in my post.


Thanks Hnk, I will get on and switch to that now.


Why rely on other extension can this be implemented on browser itself, I just want clean new tab without any wallpaper or let us customize new tabs.


@Bl1ts With the new settings for the new tab page (should now be available from Brave Beta on) you can have an almost blank new tab page.

Furthermore, you can always change your new tab page completely. Unfortunately, there is not setting for this in Brave (at least I couldn’t find one), but you can install new tab pages from the chrome webstore.
For example, install it and it should be automatically your new tab page. If you remove it again, the Brave new tab page is displayed again.