How can i swap my bnb money to btc or ltc?

How can i swap my bnb money to btc or ltc ?

i need a option to swap my bnb assets to btc.

please help me

This is not a question for this forum. This forum is about Brave browser.

However, answering shortly your question. It all depends where you have your BNB.
If you mean the Brave Wallet, you need to connect it to a swap dapp like PancakeSwap. If you have it in an exchange, you can do it there.
I suggest you to search and learn how crypto, defi and swaps work before doing anything wrong.

Check this out

If you typed out the full wording of your question in a search engine I bet you would get some excellent leads. I think it shouldn’t be a difficult thing to accomplish. You will likely need to engage some kind of swapping platform through your wallets web3 browser. The links in the previous post might just be your solution, although I haven’t engage with swaps via brave personally.

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