Brave for Raspberry Pi

I’m shocked and very disappointed that you haven’t ported Brave to the Raspberry Pi yet. I use 2 of them along with my AMD/Intel machines. This leaves me stuck with the default chromium browser, which, by the way, sucks. Please port this to the Raspberry Pi!!!

the last nightly build for arm64 works. using it on my 4b now. I’d imagine support will hit the main branch soon.


Thank you very much for your quick response. Will you please send me a download link? I would be most grateful!!

I downloaded it from sourceforge and you are looking for brave-browser-nightly_VERSION_arm64.deb

Sub version with whatever the latest version is. As of this post Nov 27 2022, the nightly is 1.48.5 so the file is ‘brave-browser-nightly_1.48.5_arm64.deb’

Once downloaded, just go to your Downloads folder in the File Manager, right click the .deb file and choose “Package install”. It will install (assuming you have no other package managers running) and be in your ‘start’ menu Internet folder.

So far it works fine including syncing bookmarks all of my extensions (eg 1Password, uBlock Origin, Chrome Remote Desktop…).

I might be wrong here but I do not think there is any need to download it from sourceforge.

It can just be downloaded from github. In the assets just look up arm64.

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Probably correct. Sourceforge is just where I found it first and since it worked, didn’t look for another source :slight_smile:

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