Ctrl + Y - how to change shortcuts

There has been many really failed shortcuts like the famouse Ctrl + C that has been sorted now (Thanks). I have another one which is Ctrl + Y - it is widely used to redo (i.e. revert Ctrl + Z). Why has this been chose to show history page???!!! Can we have an option to customise shortcut keys to our own needs rather then raise tickets for every shortcut that has been assigned centrally without really checking the effect on UX, please?
Thanks for reading this.

@bobiq you can’t change shortcuts yet. That said, it is currently a capability in Brave Nightly and will be making its way to Release (which is current normal version) in a while. I’m not sure off the top of my head which version will appear, but will arrive by 1.54.65 which is current Nightly version.

@bobiq just FYI, the latest Brave update to Release gives you the option to change shortcuts. So if you update to 1.56.9 you’ll be able to see that at SettingsSystemShortcuts or can just put brave://settings/system/shortcuts to get to it.