Hotkey request - move/reorder tabs left and right using ctrl+shift+pg up/pg dn

when I used chrome, I ran an extension to get this functionality, and was surprised when switching back to firefox that it comes out of the box. Now that I’ve switched to Brave as my daily driver, it would be awesome if this feature was added. Makes certain work related task and shopping related task much easier.

Keyboard shortcuts for moving tabs left and right within a window are now a feature, but as at the time of writing this message the keyboard shortcuts are not mentioned on the page with URI .

++ moves a tab to the left within a window.
++ moves a tab to the right within a window.

Whereas the + and ++ keyboard shortcuts may be used to jump to the tab on the opposite end of the window—as though the far right tab is linked to the left of the far left tab, and far left tab is linked to the right of the far right tab—moving the tabs via the keyboard shortcuts mentioned above cannot be done in such a manner. That is, if wanting to use a keyboard shortcut to move a tab from a far right position to a far left position, then the tab must be moved left, one position at a time, as attempting to move it past the far right position will take the tab no further than the furthest right position. The converse is true if wanting to move a tab on the far left to a far right position.