History/Bookmarks Sidebar

Hey, I was hoping that you could add a History/Bookmarks sidebar on the left side, with Ctrl+H and Ctrl+B respectively. I especially find it comes in handy with history for me, because without having to change tabs, I can type in a recent keyword and easily click things. I use this often in Firefox to find the most recent webcomic pages and episodes I visited, along with just quickly finding recent pages I visited. Most webpages don’t need the full horizontal space while on Desktop, but do make use of the vertical (think scrolling), so having bookmarks on the side is more space efficient. Unlike when it opens a new tab/window, I can continue watching what’s on my current webpage while opening the entries in new tabs, copying the links to share, or just routing through them.

Right now the only reason why I haven’t ditched Firefox despite their increasing number of blunders is because no other browser offers this. Chrome’s bookmarks sidebar extension also falls short. If you add this feature, you’ll offer an alternative to Firefox users who otherwise can’t do without a sidebar. During my search for browsers with sidebars or sidebar extensions, I found many Firefox users who loved the sidebar just as much and were just as frustrated. Former Firefox users are a good group to incentivize to join the legions of the Brave, so offering things that are make the transition easy and are otherwise exclusive to it would make use of a good opportunity.

Thank you for your time.