Hi, I've been searching for hours, how do I COMPLETELY remove Crypto Wallets extension, not simply disable, thanks


@didi5gg where are you even seeing that? Crypto Wallets was old and done away with a while ago. Are you not maintaining current version of Brave?

Yea, I should be on latest version, I recently made the switch from chrome to brave. It’s in my extensions.

@didi5gg can you go to brave://settings/help and copy/paste or share screenshot of what you see? For example:

When I go to Extensions on Release or Nightly, I don’t see Crypto Wallets. I even enabled Developer Mode in case that might make a difference.

And even going to Brave’s Web3 settings, it shows Crypto Wallets as deprecated.


Even looking at the flag for it at brave://flags

So it makes it sound like you’re either using an old version and/or were using Crypto Wallets.


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