Help is needed from BRAVE team

I have a publisher account with connected Uphold account. BAT tokens were not sent to me this month as they are from the month of march. Kindly an answer from BRAVE team is needed. Otherwise i am leaving this platform,

When did you connect your Uphold account to your publisher account? Also, make sure that your Uphold account is verified.

My Uphold account is verified. I connected on 2nd-3rd May.

Then I believe it’s expected behavior. Since you connect it after April 31th. If you were not verified before the 1st, then you would have been ineligible for the payout transaction occurring the following week (on the 8th).

But let me cc @Asad for confirmation.

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Will anyone form the team help me?

What eljuno told you is correct. If you connect to Uphold too late and too close to the payout date, it is common for the payout to roll over to the next cycle.

hi i dont geth ads,no new bat :(((

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