Having problems settings up my YouTube channel to receive BAT

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Hi @Blueseed,
What issue that you have? Can you elaborate more?



I am trying to add my YouTube channel get be BAT connected to receive BAT tokens as tips.

I have signed up and gone through the process and it shows I have added my YouTube on my profile page, however when I got to brave browser and goto my YouTube video and try send a BAT token to the site it says this person has not signed up to receive contributions.

It has been more than 48 hours now.

Please advise.



Please the system take some time for verified your channel, sometimes take few days or some hours. Be patiently.

Can say me when you added your channel?

And please post your youtbe chanel, i can see if you are verified or not


Ok, it is working now, I had the settings on private, changed that to public now working.

Thanks for your response, I appreciate it greatly.

My YouTube video is at https://youtu.be/SWDiXN8nAx4

Have a fantastic and outstanding day :grin:

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Hi @Blueseed, Channel Verified.

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Hi, yes it is working now.

Thank you :grin:

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