Having Problem in Verifying my Brave Account

Hi Myself Shishir,
I am had reset my laptop in which i had a verified Brave account and i already had some BAT token in it. Due to some issues in laptop i had to reset it. After resetting the laptop i installed brave and then tried to verify my account. But it said that “Your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because you’ve reached the maximum verified device limit.” I don’t know why am i getting this because i have not verified my account in any other device. I have reset my laptop many times before and i was also able to re-verify my brave account, but this time i am not able to do it.
Please help me out.

Here is what you need.

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I have submit my request. When will i be able to verify my account ?

It depends on how many support requests they have. Probably a week. They should send you a message when it’s complete.

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I had followed ur steps said the instructions and submitted the report. But still now i have received no response! what shall i do. U had said that will would come in about a week but now it is nearly going to 2 weeks. Please help me out.

Another person recently responded and it took 19 days. There is a major payout glitch this month that they are working on. This is most likely the cause of the delay. They will get to your request asap. Please be patient.

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