Got my brave rewards for February

Hi I just got my Feb rewards in uphold. I am from India so rewards system just shut down for me after latest update. Now I am genuinely confused what is going on. Some days ago i sold all my bat because I think with this new stance of brave is going to tank it’s price. Can I get clarification on what’s happening for the guys that have verified uphold account connected to brave but are now in unsupported contry

It’s because you must’ve been connected to Uphold on / after 1st Feb.
It sends the payment ID on 1st of each month so you got lucky there. But perhaps it disconnected like it does every 90 to 120 days. You can try Re connecting. If the button for Uphold is greyed out, follow steps below.
Go to brave://flags → search for flag called ‘Always show Brave Rewards custodial connection options’ and enable it → that solves the greyed out button → try connecting to Uphold → If you get lucky again, you’ll be able to connect back!

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Did the flag thing which turned on the option but then this

But the account is connected it’s just that my rewards are shut off by brave

Well, the regions supported by Uphold are quite different and limited when it comes to supported by Uphold to connect to rewards. You can find the list at

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