Google Sheets not displaying cells correctly

I want to leave here an alternate solution to fix the issue I’ve seen posted here where data in Google Sheets documents do not display within the cell boundaries.

All of the posts I have seen are closed after hardware acceleration is turned off by the user, solving the issue. However, this did not solve the problem for me.

What did fix it was to block only 3rd-party device recognition, rather than all device recognition. This solution obviously isn’t ideal, but it is at least a secondary step to attempt should turning off hardware acceleration not work for anyone else.

Good luck :grinning:

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Thank you so much for posting this! I created an account here just to post on this issue, the hardware acceleration fix not having worked for me. I don’t find the privacy sacrifice to burdensome, since I was able to turn it on on a by page basis and didn’t have to create a blanket rule.

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