Google drive problem, recent

I am starting a new heading because this has something to do with Brave.
I have google email and drive.
I usually take pictures with my tablet logged into that gmail , upload the pictures to drive.
I go to my desktop, log into the email download the files form drive and look at the pictures on the big tv.
For two or three days now I can’t do that.
I get and error.
So tried the other computer. same.
I don’t have FF or Chrome on this but I tried FF on the other computer no problem.
Both computer has Edge, works, no problem.
I have been using Brave exclusively on this computer, but if such problems not solved, but created by updates or I don’t know what (google drive changed some security things, sorry I just realized that those changes are on sept 13th) , I will have to revert to FF or Chrome or Edge, or what ever works.

That link leads to :

fixed in Version 1.29.77 Update Brave @NotThatSmart

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Yes! Thank you! It works.

What is going to happen on sept. 13th, we’ll find out :slight_smile:

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