Give us a way to discuss/summarize only the highlighted part of a page

Currently when Leo is opened it’s connected to the full content of the page, or whatever content is extracted from the page by some algorithms (for example for youtube pages it extracts the transcript of the video). Give us a way to highlight text on a page and have Leo see only that text. This provides a solution/workaround for several issues:

  1. Sometimes Leo does not see the useful part of the page. See my report here.
  2. Sometimes there’s too much text. Claude completely fails to respond in these cases. Llama sometimes answers by using as much content as it can fit in its context. But not always. I’ve seen cases where Llama doesn’t respond either. We could for example allow Leo to summarize a huge page in chunks.
  3. Privacy is increased as I can highlight only parts of a page without for example sending my username (if it shows up in the full page) to Brave’s servers nor to Anthropic’s servers.
  4. It keep Leo free of distractions and focuses it on the exact text we want to discuss.

I would further suggest that you even let us change the blah part of the context even DURING a conversation. Since the context is sent over to the LLM on every new query we make, the “blah” part in the could change all the time in between messages, as needed. The only tricky part is how would you avoid having the user accidentally change the context of the conversation if they highlight something without realizing that will focus Leo on that part. So perhaps the indicator that Leo is “attached” to the whole page could change to show that it’s attacked to the piece of text highlighter, perhaps showing something like “It starts like … it ends like this.” in the place where you currently show the page title in Leo’s window. Or just make this new feature opt-in so that only users that need it can turn it on. :slight_smile:


I agree. It is a strange and ironic idea, to have an AI embedded within a browser, which is supposed to “summarize long texts” for you, which then can only summarize short texts.

At the very least it should be able to summarize parts of the website. As it is right now, I always use ChatGPT browser extensions for this exact functionality, as Leo sadly has no use for me, as it constantly only summarizes small parts of the website.

The longer the text, the more likely you want a summary. However, with Leo: The longer the text, the more the AI is actually NOT summarizing because it is too much text. That’s requirements engineering gone bad.

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