Gesture mouse feature

Brave should support mouse gestures similar to Vivaldi. I’ll use Vivaldi gesture as an example. Holding the right click to the left causes it to go back, while holding the right click to the right causes it to go forward. This allows you to easily navigate back and forth without having to drag your mouse to the top left and clicking it, which takes longer and adds more friction than gestures.

There are numerous additional features that the gesture should be used for, including opening new tabs, closing tabs, reloading the page, changing tabs. There is an extension called Crx Mouse that accomplishes this, but some websites, such as YouTube, do not support gestures. If Vivaldi can accomplish this, Brave can as well.

Seconded. If it was any other browser this would probably be a deal breaker.

I’ve been using gestures on Opera for years and I would love to have them on Brave.

I just made an account to express this!

Just started to use brave, its privacy announcements are very good and it looks well, but there is still no working mousegestures addon ?
Maybe i can install it as a addon designed for opera, firefox or edge.
Working addons are a must have and brave should instruct his new users in an easy way how to implement this.
I , as example, use mouse gesture since opera start to support these many many years ago and never changed to a browser which don’t support it.