Linux mouse gestures

Just tried Brave browser on Linux. It works very well, but I am really missing Mouse Gestures. Great if that feature could be implemented, and also be made to work with Linux without the need to double click to make the context menu to appear (Vivaldi has that feature “built in”). There are several addons in the chrome web store, but they all require double click for context menu to appear on Linux.


I want this feature as well, as I came from Vivaldi. Both Opera and Vivaldi have implemented this feature correctly.

I’ve noticed that when people ask for this feature, they get told to “just use extensions” but the extensions are sub par. The biggest issue with most extensions is that, like you already said, they all require double click for context menu to appear in Linux. But even if that was not an issue; most extensions seem to have a certain delay that you can not disable. For example: If you want to forward in history you should be able to quickly Press and hold LMB then click RMB. But for some extensions you need to hold LMB for a certain amount of time before pressing RMB. This makes the features useless for me as I use it to go back/forward in history as quickly as possibly without using the keyboard.

Therefore it would be great if this feature was implemented just like in Opera and Vivaldi.

Also sidenote: I’d been using FireFox for a while which does also not have this feature, but the extensions on FireFox do actually work and don’t require a workaround.