Integrate Mouse gestures

What I still miss. Maybe that could still be integrated? Mouse gestures to perform actions (See: Vivaldi browser) That would be very comfortable.


nice idea but can’t say it is too necessary

Once you get used to it, you do not want to miss it anymore. But you have to try “Vivaldi” …

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Also Opera. By the way there are extensions…

I hope the responsible programmers will deal with it. But it is so that you have to use it for a while to get to know the benefits.

If you spend a lot of time in front of the PC, any relief is welcome.

Can you please call me such?

Some like CrxMouse Chrome™ Gestures or Smooth Gestures Plus but… the idea is to integrate gestures on this browser, yeah.


Thanks for the hint. Was it already developed in this direction ?

I think it’s not that easy and we’re better off with the external extensions, as mentioned (I use the crxMouse myself). If we have an extension Sync this would be an acceptable solution. E.g. on the Mac/Touch I don’t use them extensively so it would be the resource waste to put them inside by default.

HI, I have tested this one: CLEAN CrxMouse. It works well. I sincerely hope that such a feature will soon be integrated into Brave.

Unfortunately, I am not sure how such extensions are trustworthy. That’s why it would be great if such a feature were integrated in Brave.
As I also use Vivaldi, it happens again and again that I automatically use such gestures in Brave as well. - Until I realize that this does not work …
It would be very enjoyable (I’m probably not the only one who would be happy about that.), If you could do that someday.

Mouse gestures are great! I recommend taking a look at It gives you as many mouse gestures as you want - for all your system, not only the browser. Couldn’t live without it anymore.

I’d also like integrated mouse gestures. While extensions exist, they are much more likely to be untrustworthy, and/or an active privacy leak.

(e.g. compare the Chrome extension “crxMouse” with “CLEAN crxMouse”)

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This is the only thing stopping me from switching to Brave. All of the Chrome mouse gesture extensions are terrible. Half of them track your activity, the other half are trojans, and none of them work reliably. Mouse gestures need to work 100% of the time. They need to be integrated into the browser to work properly, as with Vivaldi.

I need customizable mouse chord gestures also-- Vivaldi doesn’t have that, and that would get me to switch from Firefox, which does have a more-or-less working mouse gesture addon.