.Gemini crypto exchange is available in india

Will it be able to transfer BAT crypto-rewards Indian customers to a Gemini account or, it is completely lost ? should we start from first to earn BAT rewards for Indian customers?

No, Gemini isn’t supported to connect to Brave rewards. The list for supported regions by Uphold /Gemini is different from the list Supported Regions for connecting to Brave Rewards

OK fine. It means the BAT token is fake for Indian users. If Gemini crypto exchange can support the US but not India, why?

Please don’t say about India regulations etc is the reason not include india in the brave rewards.

The truth is till now, there have been no regulations for crypto in India. The Indian govt is working on crypto regulations.

You just accept it is a fake reward for Indian users. I know you guys make excuses.

No need for further reply from the brave team

You just don’t like the actual answer, do you? Maybe step out of the dream world of yours and look into stuff. It is the rules & regulations. Also scams and frauds from our regions. Tbh, maybe stop arguing. You can keep your opinion and I’ll be happy with my answer.

Brave browser is a scam. It is used to collect details of customer personal information such as login details.

After collecting enough details of customers. Stopping the brave rewards mentioned in unsupported regions means brave browser is a scam.

Gemini exists but is not available to new UK and other Brave users either. It’s not just India.

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