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Hi all,

This is a small issue but one I can’t get round. I use both Brave and Firefox on my Samsung tablet and both have worked fine until Firefox was automatically updated and changed to become more like a phone app, the key difference for me being the absence of visible tabs. Naturally, I switched to Brave, where I have no such problems BUT, however caused, when I load the Daily Telegraph the page freezes and I can’t do anything about it. The telegraph’s a subscription site. I checked to confirm I’m signed on.

The reason I added the Firefox part was that it also happened on that site after the update but is now fine. I’ve cleared the cache several times but not the data memory as I don’t want to lose my bookmarks. Any ideas?



I just tested on my One Plus 6. No login, but it seems okay no obvious lag?

Try restarting the android device, also test in Brave Beta (via the play store)

Hi Ryan,

Restarted - no change.
Installed Brave Beta and cleaned tablet memory before opening - no change.
Bit the bullet, uninstalled both Braves, cleaned tablet memory, reinstalled Brave. No change!

I’ll take it up with The Telegraph’s support and report back.

Thanks meanwhile,


I should have added that for a second or so, I thought the last action was going to solve the issue,. Dragging the page, it moved slightly, then locked.

Hey @Ianprsy , Thanks for the report

Does the same issue occur in Brave Desktop ?

Just added a new tracker (which may/may-not improve things), give it 24-48hrs for the update to roll out.

Hi again,

Desktop version works OK. I just installed it on my Android phone and it has the same problem - scrolls for a fraction of a second then locks. There was a message in a red box, something about blocking, but it disappeared too quickly for me to read it all. I suspect it was a Brave Shields report.

Not sure what you want me to do with the link, sorry.

Panic over! For some reason (I don’t care) it’s working fine afgain on both tablet and phone.

Thanks for your time.


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