Forums doesn’t run well on Brave

Forums doesn’t run well on Brave iOS. You can’t write a post without the box acting weird, can’t skip lines and all that. GIFs always stuttering too but again, only on forums but the everything else is fine

Using the latest Brave version on the latest iOS software. Thank you

Hi @SirGuts, thanks for writing in. Is there a particular forum that isn’t working quite right? Would you be willing to share screenshots of what you see? Just to confirm, are you on 1.14.2?

Thanks in advance!

Yes I am on the latest version and the forum I’m having lots of technical issues with is NeoGAF. I will upload a video to show what I’m facing better. Thank you for your reply

Edit: Here’s a video of what I’m experiencing


I went to the neogaf forums for a test, same page from an iphone 6plus and Android.

Both seemed okay, no obvious glitching. I would probably look at clearing the cache, maybe even restarting the device also.

Will try that. Thank you very much

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