🔍 Fix Brave/Chrome shows Deleted for Files in Downloads(Even though the File Still Exists on the External drive)

On the Downloads Page, If your downloaded files shows deleted but the file still exists on HDD, Here is the reason why its happening and how you could fix this error

This Error will usually occur after you connect a brand new HDD and the changed drive letter for your new drive could be causing the issue

For Example, If you have connected 5 different HDDs all at the same time on your PC, and downloaded specific set of files to D:\ drive and if you disconnected that old D drive while you plugged in that brand new HDD,->>> if that old D drive which was assigned to the previously disconnected drive wasn’t actively connected to the PC, Windows will assign the D drive letter for your brand new HDD ->>>>>so now if you reconnect that previously disconnected drive after you connected your brand new drive,->>>>>>> windows will assign a different drive letter for that drive which is currently being unused for that session… For example it will assign G or H.

The Newly assigned drive letter won’t be changed even if you disconnect both of the new and old drive and attempted to plug only the old drive,->>> windows Simply wont change it back to D drive letter even though D drive letter remains unused, you have to do this task manually in Disk Management.

By Default, While brave wont display directory information for each downloaded files, it will only look for the respective download location for which the downloaded file has been assigned to, so if your New drive which is connected to PC and is currently Empty has been assigned as D:\ then Brave will think the file has been deleted and will show the “Deleted” error for all of the files for which the directory has been assigned as D:\

You must Remember the old drive letter for this manual method to work, In case you have Forgotten it, ->>>Disconnect all of the drives, Make sure C drive is the only drive showing in explorer and start changing/trying Drive letter of all of the available options… For Example, Assign the Drive Letter of that old drive as D, close all of your browser profiles and relaunch brave and see if the deleted file error is gone… If the deleted file error still persists->Well, then the old drive’s letter which you disconnected before connecting the new drive wasn’t D…

Try Changing the old drive Letter to E, Restart browser, check if error is gone, If not move to E, F, G and so on.

This Troubleshooting Method will get this specific issue fixed Real quick.

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