Accidental deletion of multible (200 - 300MB) application file, now nothing works - what to do?

Hey, I wanted to make space on my disk today and searched for all big files.
I got distracted and accidentally deleted multiple big application files (all something between 200 and 300 MB) And yes I did clear the trash after. :-/
Now when I try to start Brave nothing happens. No activity of Brave Programm visible through windows task manager either. I went to the program folder and clicked on lots of application files in the brave folder but could start nothing. Not even one setup and one installation file I found.
How do I fix this? Or is there a way to still save all my passwords and such?
I have a neck injury so I can’t spend ours on recherche for this, so help would be very very appreciated!

You deleted what files where?

If it was Program Files, then, reinstall, if you are talking about User Data, then, it should have worked because most files are re-created when you open it. My guess is program files, because the updater and Brave itself consumes a little more space because they have a 7z file with all the installation files plus the ones that get installed.

Just reinstall, and see if that works.

Thanks. But won’t I have to uninstall first, which will delete all the user data/files on my Laptop? Can you tell me if there are particular files on there where my passwords and bookmarks are saved so I can save them on a USB stick first?

Negative. Just go to and download from there. No need to uninstall. This will replace whatever you removed and repair anything broken. Well, assuming it’s missing or corrupt files.

I will try it. Thank you!

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