Firefox homepage features to Brave - Tiles, and Recent Activity

I’d like to have more than 12 tiles for my most visited/favourite sites, similar to how Firefox works, which allows for up to 32 site tiles and 4 rows. I’d also like to see Firefox’s “Recent Activity” feature.

Brave’s homepage appears a little cluttered as well, with site tiles and ad/tracker stats to the left.Tiles should be in the centre, as in Firefox. Screenshots of Firefox homepages and Brave homepage~~ Nvm, Brave look nice. just lacks of tiles and such

Firefox Homepage look:

Brave Homepage:


From here:

You can track and comment on this:

From the first link there might be something already for the ‘Recent Activity’ (history-based) as well, otherwise you can open a new issue, that would be a great addition.

More Tiles??
Nah, more tiles isn’t even helpful enough.
All we need a “Speed Dial” feature as like Opera Browser has…
Need a ‘Speed Dial’ feature where we can store website shortcut as per our choice like 20 or 30 sites in the homepage.

Firefox is not even ideal to store tiles on homepage.
Just do a history clean & see all the tiles are gone.

I prefer Opera like tiles/speed dial system where clearing history won’t clear homepage speed dials.