Add more top site tiles to the Home page of the desktop browser

Currently can only have 6 tiles to the home desktop page for the browser. Would like to add more tiles so I can quickly go to the sites that I use the most. Maybe two rows of 6?


I’m interested in this too. 18 tiles would be good!


How really you add this page into home page

I used to use Opera, a long time ago now. You could have seperate pages of links - much like visual bookmarks. I moved to Maxthon as Opera was becoming less user friendly and more Chrome than Opera. I have moved from Maxthon as I do not like the lack of security and privacy. Both of these browsers gave you the opportunity to add multiple visual/screenshot quick links to websites you most frequently visited to your home page. Maxthon even allowed you to create folders that you could put several similar website together. It would be very useful to have something similar in Brave, six website links are nowhere near enough for those of us who use the internet in a semiprofessional manner (or would that be addicted to searching everything possible. :wink: )

Two year and Brave nothing to do ?


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