Add more top site tiles to the Home page of the desktop browser

Currently can only have 6 tiles to the home desktop page for the browser. Would like to add more tiles so I can quickly go to the sites that I use the most. Maybe two rows of 6?


I’m interested in this too. 18 tiles would be good!


How really you add this page into home page

I used to use Opera, a long time ago now. You could have seperate pages of links - much like visual bookmarks. I moved to Maxthon as Opera was becoming less user friendly and more Chrome than Opera. I have moved from Maxthon as I do not like the lack of security and privacy. Both of these browsers gave you the opportunity to add multiple visual/screenshot quick links to websites you most frequently visited to your home page. Maxthon even allowed you to create folders that you could put several similar website together. It would be very useful to have something similar in Brave, six website links are nowhere near enough for those of us who use the internet in a semiprofessional manner (or would that be addicted to searching everything possible. :wink: )


Two year and Brave nothing to do ?


Yes, please add an option to adjust how many links are shown, from 0 to, maybe, 24? (0 allows those who want a minimalist NTP to turn them off all together)


Hi all, I have learned to live without this feature that I was accustomed to in Firefox.
I would, though, welcome it in Brave.


Yes! This annoys the crap out of me. It only shows 6 sites, i have over 15 sites i visit on a daily basis. Pls add more!


Me too! More, please!


+1 Both vivaldi and opera do way better than this with their top site management. This needs to happen on Brave.



Yes please add more top sites. Maybe the amount of top sites could be user-selectable? But 6 is nowhere near enough…


Hi! I am a new user so pls forgive my ignorance.

How do I add these top sites to the Home Page (start page)?


Update on NTP progress here:


Mattches, thanks for the update. I’m a new user, so far loving the browser. Came looking for help on adding URLs / tiles to the New Tab screen. Any idea when the enhancements might be available? The other thing I would ask is would there be a way to optionally add a brief description as to what the tile is under the tile?

Interesting suggestion – you should leave it in the thread I just linked too. @kliu (design team and OP) was just responding to some other user feedback there a moment ago :slight_smile:

They are supposed to appear automatically - showing your most visited sites, which can be pinned, removed, bookmarked.

Sadi, what I would like is something like:


Would probably be best if you elected to pin the icon to the browser page / if you elect to pin the icon to the home page you can optionally add a description

Agree to this, it is currently so limited.

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I would love more of these to be an option, even if I have to dig around a little to get to it. Also marking background images as favorites would be excellent, much like how the Momentum extension works.

Really wish this could be fully customizable, now I need an extension for this.