February and March rewards not received, issues since connecting uphold

First off I have been a rewards member for several months now, have redeemed rewards previously with no issues. Really this only became a problem since connecting to Uphold. My browser is up to date, and using windows.

After the February payout I never received any of my pending rewards. I figured whatever I’ll just wait, well now March payouts have finished and, oddly enough, I did receive three deposits of relatively small amounts at separate times but they are far short of the total pending amount showing. To add to that I cannot find which browser those deposits came from. I have two desktop browsers I use regularly, it does not show in the history for either. I had an additional windows browser I used but that was a work computer I no longer have access to so it’s possible that was the source.

The last time I successfully received rewards was in January. After that is when I created the Uphold account and connected it, I also about that time synced two of the windows browsers and my android mobile browser for pretty much everything. The android browser I have not verified the wallet and received rewards there normally. Kind of seems like Uphold might be the issue here. The two windows browsers were the work one I no longer have access to and the main one I currently use.

I also didn’t receive any rewards in March.

@steeven can you check your DM? I sent you message about claim button not appearing.

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