Have not received reward payments since the beginning of new year!

Hello all!

For some unknown reason to me I have stopped receiving reward payments since the beginning of a new year! I have Uphold verified wallet linked to Brave Rewards and I have been receiving rewards successfully for more than a year until the beginning of this year. Somehow I have managed to get in to contact with Mattches, one of the support team members and he requested my wallet ID and so I provided him wallet ID, but after that all of the sudden he stopped responding and I have not heard from him for a weeks now. And now I have absolutely no idea what to expect and I’m hoping that someone here could explain what is going on?

Best regards!

@izicom Can you provide a link to the post where Mattches responded?

Mattches probably hasn’t responded back after you submitted your wallet id because Uphold accounts are still being processed (currently at 65%). You should wait until all payments are processed and see if you receive your payout. You may be part of the group still being processed. Also, wait a day or two after completion and see if you receive. You may not receive them immediately into your Uphold account.

From reading other topic posts, many users have been receiving payouts for January and February in the March payout.

Well, I have talked with Mattches weeks ago somewhere at the end of February, before payments began processing… But like you said, for now I have no choise but to wait until the last payments process completes, if I still don’t receive after that, I’m giving up!

Thank you for your time and good luck!

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Don’t give up! Once payments are complete, they will be able to investigate your specific situation if you didn’t receive your rewards.

If they start responding, yes.

Ok, so it seems the payments are now complete and my ultimate payment for last three months (December, January, February) have not arrived, just as expected. What now? Shall I try to contact Mattches again? I tried many times, trust me, he just won’t reply! What else?

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