[Feature Req] Right-click Context Menu Tab Renaming

Hello, I wanted to submit a feature request for the capability to rename tabs using the right-click context menu on the target tab.

Use case:
I am a college student and in most of my courses, we have assigned readings that go with a particular assignment. I like to open up the readings and assign them to a Group (labeled “CLASS_NAME”). Unfortunately, the assigned readings are often PDF documents which do not have a set name, so I end up with 4-5 tabs named something obscure like “aws-1asd8asdn” or “1024889.” I’d like to be able to rename these tabs via right-click context menu option to something more descriptive.

Currently, my workaround is I have to open the developer console and manually modify or inject a <title></title> tag for each tab in my tab group to change the appearance from:

To something like this:
<Alkanes and Alkane Isomers>
<Enantiomers and the Tetrahedral Carbon>
<Meso Compounds>

I am sure there are far more use cases, but this is a case I find myself using pretty much everyday. I have actually contemplated writing a small Javascript extension for personal use which would display a prompt() or inject custom DOM elements to accept userinput from to pass to a <title> block, but I’ve just been too busy to lately.

e: Added escapes for <> blocks.

While this exact feature isn’t available at this time, you can group those tabs together and name the tab group. And while not quite as clean, you could even open a tab “group” with only one tab in each and use the group name.

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Thanks for suggestion, I hadn’t thought to use a group for each tab. I’ll probably use this method in interim until I get around to writing a personal helper script.

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You can do this with a bookmarklet.

  • Open Bookmark Manager (Ctrl+Shift+O)
  • Right-click in the right hand panel and select “Add new bookmark”
  • For the name, use something like “Set Tab Title”
  • For the URL use the following:

javascript:(function(newTitle){document.title=newTitle})(prompt("New Title"));

In the tab you want to set the title of, type “Set Tab Title” in the address bar and pick the bookmarklet from the list of options. Or you can put the bookmarklet in the Bookmarks Bar and click it there.

For anyone wondering why the javascript is so convoluted, try javascript:document.title="ABC". You’ll find the page content is changed to ABC!

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Thanks, this is even better.