Facebook messenger in Android

Hi. I am using your Android browser and i cant use facebook messinger. It automaticly redirects me to Google play in order to download their app wich i will bever use. To use facebook messinger within the browser i always has to switch to desktop version wich is anoying, Can you fix this? Also want the optio do add speed dial and edit them from briwser’s home page. Thank you.

Hi @DECEBAL, Welcome to Community!
That is typical Facebook behaviour. They always try to push you to download the app. Requesting the desktop site is the only workaround.

Is working on Opera and kiwi. I would choose kiwi but is hard to make speed dial. Now i only use Opera.

Received similar questions in the past @Aa-ron. And it seems the behavior is inconsistent. I was able to open Message in Brave and not get redirected to Messenger/Facebook app. IIRC, Brave will ask for the permission when user click the Message button for the first time – to open it in Brave or Facebook app.

I can’t re-test it since I deactivate my account.

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