How to NOT use Messenger App?

Hi, if on Facebook page, i tap on Messenger notification icon, Brave open Messenger App, but i want to continue to use messenger into Brave! I’ve try to uninstall Messenger App, but Brave continue to propose me to use it.

Brave Version: 1.5.120

Mobile Device details: HUAWEI MATE 10 LITE

Did other browser do the same behavior? Seems like this is Facebook behavior itself rather than Brave.

But IIRC I’m able to use the Message feature on Brave before. I can’t test it now because I’ve my account deactivated.

Can you try:

  • On Facebook, click padlock icon at URL bar
  • Click Site Settings
  • Click “Clear & reset”
  • You may need to relogin
  • And try the Message button again

Just try to clear and reset, but same result :frowning:
With other browser no problem, i’m able to use messages into the browsers, without open the App

When you click the Message button did Brave open the Message page too? Or just redirect you to the app and never open the Message page in the browser?

How about directly open (I hope it’s the correct link)?

IIRC, Facebook is asking for this action when user do it for the first time. User can choose if they want to open it in browser or via app.

Maybe clear permission for Messenger app via your device Settings > Apps?

If I tap on Message button or I open directly your link, it redirect me here:

Do you try this steps @matteo.cursio ? :point_up:

Yes, just try, i’ve try to clear permission to facebook app and to facebook app manager to open link, i’ve also try to kill facebook process to be sure it will not interact with Brave, but always the same result :frowning:

This happens everytime for me on my phone with facebook. I have never downloaded the messenger app and if I press the link to messages it just redirects to messenger app download in google play store. It does this in all three browsers I have installed on my phone which are Brave, Chrome, and Puffin. My personal solution and the only one that I have found works switch to desktop version before you enter facebook so you are in desktop version of the site. If you switch while already in facebook it will change to desktop but not the desktop version of facebook and it wont let you use messenger through the site still. If you switch to desktop before you enter facebook then messeger works completely normal within your browser and the website. Of course this is all moot if you are talking about the facebook app but you didnt specify in you original post sobI offer this solution as a funtional one. Its annoying to have to do it but with facebooks historic privacy violation issues and the adware and hidden tracking code they have subtly and not so subtly included with any of their downloaded apps in my past I just dont trust them…at all. You hear me Zucks!!! Yeah you hear me.

I know that “desktop version” works, but it’s not the best solution for me.
I don’t understand why with other browser (Opera) i’m able to open messenger inside browser but not with Brave

Yeah I hear ya on it not being the best solution but I assure the reason it happens is almost if not completely on Facebooks end. I havent used opera personally, I know a lot of people prefer it over chrome cause from what I understand is that its focus is about user security and privacy just like Brave. I may be wrong just too lazy to do research right now. Opera has a vpn built into their browser as well, right? Well are they based off Chromium as well? That would really baffle me if they were as both Chrome and Brave are so it makes sense why they react the same. If you find a solution to this PLEASE post it in here, ok? And Ilk do some digging and talking on some other web savvy forums and see what I can figure out. You got me really curious now as I gave up on that whole messenger dilemma awhile ago. Your bringing skeletons out of the closet, man!!! Im just playing…sort of. Me and big Marky Z and the Facebook bunch have a past tho so anytime I can feel like Ive earned the smallest of victories over the BOOK…is one of the greatest of days. Cheers man and good luck. Lets hope this has a solution that is acceptable.

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