Can i get the same "extensions" on Android I have on my PC, not "filters" or "shields"

I’ve HAD to use my mobile (Android) device for more than phone calls just this past month (I know crazy right, I use my phone to make … phone calls :crazy_face:) but I was wondering if the mobile (Android) version of the Brave browser supports the same extensions as the PC version Ive come to know and Love. I cant really exist in this environment without Typio form recovery and YouTube Nonstop, its archaic enough as is on a mobile device. It’d be super cool if we can, and if so, how? I dont see it in the right side menu where it’d be on the PC version, so I figured that’d be a big ol NO for an answer here, but i cant find half of the functionality on the phone I have on a PC, and usually by the time I do, the apps update and something moves or disappears. If anyone can give me a heads up, as always, I’ll sincerely appreciate your valuable time!!!

Much Love :v:

Postscript - why do these silly phones only have “back” buttons and not forward? You’d think navigation on these devices would have been designed to be easier and more efficient, but it literally takes me AT LEAST DOUBLE the time to complete a task on mobile as it does on a good ol box. Maybe because for all the “apps”, or as i call them, “crappy software” you need an “app APP” to control all the apps with instead of just using the web based platforms, which you may or may not be able to use :exploding_head: I couldnt simply copy and paste something using the special FaceCrap app or the FaceB messenger app, even after I sent a link from one to the other, but I hop on the Brave Android Browser “app”, and although it takes 3 times longer to copy/paste something on mobile as opposed to a PC, I could at least copy a dang link. Of course someone will text me, and i can call and leave a voicemail, even after waiting for no one to answer the phone … like ever anymore, in half of the time I’d be able to type that same message on this crazy little keyboard. People text me, I call and leave a VM, to which they reply … with a text. Its no wonder people are “on their phones” all of the time today, it takes 3-4 times longer to do EVER-REE-THING … like this post. I digress … but seriously how hard can a “forward” button be? Thanks for all your help, and i hope you got some entertainment here in the postscript at least … :grinning:


Not at this time. It was recently discussed as something they are working on trying to do in the future, but it’s not something that exists now. And if you ask how far in the future, I don’t think it’s known. At the very least, I don’t remember it specifically and not sure that they mentioned. If you have the spare time, I’d suggest you check out I’m wanting to say is the call where they kind of touched on it.

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Thanks a bunch for your valuable time Saoiray, I sincerely appreciate it. I’ll check out vid you sent. It certainly would be Rad and I might even use my phone a bit more for stuff other than phone calls :wink: I’m an antique I guess that way :rofl: Thanks again, have a great day!!!

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