Facebook ads are not removed

I use Brave with Redmi Note 7 Pro.
I visit Facebook only with Brave, not with the app.

My problem is recent and I have not found the solution by myself :
Once on Facebook, I choose “most recent”. And I find an add after each post. Awfull.
So, considering the recent changes made by FB, how can I remove all the “sponsored” posts ?
Thanks in advance for your help.

@fanboynz could you assist?

@SmartyAadi @odinoss

As linked above, they haven’t been able to block for a long time. This is because they aren’t coded into pages to be ads. Instead they are just like normal content or posts. Not sure if this will ever change, but for now…just kind of out of luck.


Thank you for this clear explanation. But…so sad. I suppose someone somewhere will find a trick, sooner or later. The sooner, the better.
I’m through with FB, with the way they want to oblige me to see what they have chosen for me with rains of unbearable adds. They are destroying their own creation. Not clever. We are not so addict that we could not leave FB.


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