Extensions - Drop down menu instead of taking up url/searchbar space

@Brave developers – Rather than having a horizontal list of icons for individual extensions taking space away from the url/search box (or having to turn many of them off to save space), how about having a drop down menu with them, in the style of the ‘Google Shortcuts’ extension, for instance ?
(Or, allow ‘default’ vs ‘dropdown menu’ choice as option in Settings)

Also, since there appears plenty of space there, why not put the icon for the dropdown menu next to the Home icon ? Then instead of taking up space with the extra deep ribbon for Settings/BraveRewards/History/etc, these 6 icons could be placed where the extension icons are currently (though imo ‘(existing) bookmarks’, as v. frequently used, better placed near Home icon).

(for ease of reference, the Google Shortcuts extension):

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