How Do I Import or Export Bookmarks on Android?

I am planning on switching to a new device. But I want to keep my data. I saw the article on how to do this on iOS but didn’t see an Android one. How do I do this?

That’s because it’s not an option for Android at this time. I have reached out to the developers not long ago and they said it’s on the list of things to come, but we didn’t discuss how long until it’s added.

At this time the only way to import/export bookmarks on Android is through Sync. So create a sync chain on your current device, generate the code the day you get your new device, then add new device to it and you’ll have all your bookmarks, passwords, and everything else you chose to Sync.

Just keep in mind that the sync code changes daily. So you’ll need to have a device on sync chain to generate the current sync code for your new one.

If you need help on how to set up sync and all, then I’d advise to check

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