ETA For Sync. When Will Sync Return?

Is there a ETA for sync to return to Brave for all devices (Windows. Mac, Linux. Android & iOS)?

And when sync returns, will it be stable, solid and scale with thousands of bookmarks?


Hoped the update would bring Sync back but not? And no ETA? I can’t even see it greyed out anywhere.


I have Brave a few days ago. It seems to be a great alternative to Chrome, but for all I be able to search about synchronisation between devices, is a shame that such important function has months disabled and no ETA or answers from the developers.

Has been years since you only have a desktop computer at home and one at the office, where sync was not a big thing. But with mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops, how is possible to think that sync is not a priority?

Back to Chrome, and for what I’ve been seeing, I’m not the only one.
I’ll keep an eye on Brave, hoping this be fixed soon…

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A quick update: Brave Sync is in priority and the team is working on it. Some information can be found here