Enhance UX/accessibility for Windows 10 tabs

Currently the default style for the Brave app window/title/tabs on Windows 10 is a grey-ish colored background which is almost the same for the selected tab, making the tab menu a little hard for people that do not distinguish such subtle color contrasts :

Based on most design guidelines (at least from what I have read), it’s advised that in order to achieve a better UX and make the UI better for people with visual impairments,
the tabs should be distinctively styled, so that the user can easily spot the selected tab.

I am sure that using a custom theme from the Web Store can solve this issue, but I would love to see the default window/tab theme color that is applied by Windows 10 active theme.
For example in the following image you can see Chrome’s title bar/tab UI that provides a clear indication on where the tab menu is and which the selected tab is at the moment.

In my honest opinion this will improve the user experience and make the tab menu much more fast and easy to use.

Thanks in advance.