Enable DRM in Android phones

How or when can we use DRM on Adroid phones?
Searching for solutions gives : enable settings/extension … which DOES NOT
EXISTS in Android.

Welcome to the community. I am a community member too and know nothing about Android devices. Just posting information that may be helpful.

As far as I know, neither extensions or widevine is available for Android. Linked below is a related Brave GitHub issue report. There hasn’t been any movement on the issue and it is in P3 backlog which is not a high priority.

There is another setting on Brave desktop that may apply. I do not know what it does or if it is available on Android devices. You might want to check if it is enabled and if it makes any difference or not.


This is a necessary feature for android.
Firefox, bromite offers this on android

When trying to play podcasts at podcasts.apple.com the error message “podcasts.apple.com says NO DRM” occurs. Podcast will not play.

Application version: 1.41.96, Chromium 103.0.5060.114
Operating system: Android 11, Build/RPRS31. Q1-56-9-15

This is a new problem within the last 6 months. Playing Apple podcasts in the past was not a problem.

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