Enable/Disable dark theme for a specific website

Is there any way to disable the dark theme for a specific website in Brave Desktop? Some sites don’t have a well-designed dark theme (The preview is pretty bad) and don’t have the configuration button to change the theme.

I didn’t get to test it, but I think it has this functionality for Android https://techviral.net/enable-dark-theme-on-individual-sites/ or https://beebom.com/how-enable-disable-dark-theme-per-site-basis-google-chrome/, but I couldn’t do it in Brave Desktop.
Edit: Does not work on Brave Android.

It would be nice to have a button to enable and disable the dark theme of a website, even using Brave’s dark theme.

I’d love to see this as well. Most sites work fine in dark mode but others are unusable.

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