Earning BAT on iPhone App?

Hi there, new to this so please be kind if this is a silly question:

The iOS app seems to have basically no functionality for earning BAT. Even with ads turned on, there is no interface at all that even alluded to earning BAT. Is this correct? Or is there some setting hidden somewhere that should be turned on?

Thanks in advance.

@StuFos welcome to the community. brave Rewards isn’t yet on IOs so please wait a while but by rumors it is close to completion .

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I cannot help but feel just a tiny misled. After going through all the trouble of watching the tutorials and seeing how great the concept is, and then seeing that there is an iOS app in the store, one would think that you could download the app and sign up for rewards. But nope, no way to sign up for rewards. Not even a disclosure saying, sorry but we don’t have that feature yet.

It isn’t every apple device that doesn’t have reward, just the mobile OS versions like the ipad and iphone but Github watcher are monitoring it like a hawk. I would keep you all posted when it is released

Yes thank you Dgenies!.. Also, at what point will I be able to view MORE THAN 5 ads per hour?! This seems like a retard idea to limit to so much, as I wanna earn much, MUCH more BAT!!

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